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  1. Hi everyone, I'm running Xillinux on my Zybo and I want to do some projects with opencv but I can't fin how can I download it, can anyone help me?? Thanks!
  2. hi everyone, I'm trying to install Petalinux on Ubuntu. I downloaded the file and whan I'm trying to install it after accepting all de terms and conditions It gives me the following ERROR: You are missing the following system tools required by PetaLinux: -gawk How can I solve it? Thanks.
  3. Hi everyone!! I'm a student and I want to make a project using ZYBO. The project is about counting coins with a webcam. Can you give me some tips of how can I do it? I mean, I don't know if i have to run linux first or I just can run it in the zybo. All i have to do is make a pic with a webcam conected via USB and then binaritzate it, and then count the total white surface and thats it. Thanks everyone!!