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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies. Hopefully I will understand this lockup better and can update the forum with the results. From what I can tell the watchdog library is working perfectly and there is something else happening. Can anyone point me to the CMOD boot loader source so that I can make modifications? Patrick
  2. Yes, I am able to put the part to sleep, and in this case the WDT does reboot the system when it times out. When I take the watchdog timer code out of the system the sleep command stays asleep forever. This is interesting because I read elsewhere that you need a special build of the bootloader to have the WDT take you out of sleep but I am using the stock CMOD bootloader. I read elsewhere that if the bootloader was built in debug mode that there are exception traps that can cause it to hang like this, could that be the problem? I am not sure how to determine that.
  3. Hi Dan, My system froze but it didn't reset, which is exactly the problem. I know the watchdog is working normally because it will reset in a while(1); loop. Patrick
  4. Hello, I am using a chipKIT CMOD design and can successfully run the watchdog timer code provided my Majenko. My problem is that I occasionally get a nasty burst of electrical noise from a motor that completely freezes up the board. The 8MHz oscillator continues to run, and it resets correctly with a power cycle. Is there a mode that would prevent the watchdog from resetting the system? Thanks in advance Patrick