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  1. pmod gps

    @D@n I m currently working on gps parsing to get just latitude and longitude value.Is there any verilog code or logic you have in mind? Let say I receive bit by bit from serial convert that to byte in "RxD_data[7:0] now I don't want to send all received data to transmitter but latitude and longitude.
  2. UART

    Your point number 2 works well problem solved of losing char.
  3. UART

    @D@n Oh thanks God now its working and i m receiving the text that was written in file.
  4. UART

    @D@n i have past it in bench/verilog and now it say INFO:Xst:2546 - "../../fyp project/wbuart32-master/bench/verilog/speechfifo.v" line 105: reading initialization file "speech.hex". ERROR:Xst:2352 - "../../fyp project/wbuart32-master/bench/verilog/speechfifo.v" line 105: Address -1 found at line 1 is invalid in call of system task $readmemh.
  5. UART

    I am using Xilinx 14.7 ise not vivado and and i dont find how to open this file mksspeech as it has cpp extension which show its C code but how can i run yhis to generate hex
  6. UART

    @D@n I appreciates your efforts. i tried to use speechfifo which require wbuart (rxuart,txuart,ufifo) files, which i added am i right? then i changed the i_setup as you when i synthesis the program i get this error Analyzing top module <speechfifo>. ERROR:Xst:1918 - "speechfifo.v" line 78: Unable to find file "speech.hex". ERROR:Xst:2634 - "speechfifo.v" line 79: For loop stop condition should depend on loop variable or be static. i was also thinking from where speechfifo will recieve data as defined in a code reg [7:0] message [0:2047]; keep data.but how?will i have to import file like speech.hex?
  7. UART

    i m using this terminal also hyper terminal
  8. UART

    i connect my fpga board with pc using rs232 and connect pmod gps on fpga board so i receive data from gps and send it to pc.i have windows xp.i think that you want to ask?
  9. UART

    when i was passing string (more than one char) if i use 1 stop it skip as same as i said but by selecting 2 stop bit i get full string but when iuse gpsthen even on two stop bit i get result i showed. i set two stopbit noparity,8databit i_setup=5208 because 9600 baud and 50mhz
  10. UART

    Hello Sir @D@n i used the code of rxuart and txuart with top module of echotest you provide in i can pass the string from Pc to fpga and receving whole string back thats great.but when i connect gps and try to receive Nmea sentence that gps through and want to see them on pc i still get same issue this is what i receive. NB:Gps is not fix at this time $PT,.0T,,.0N00,,*2$PG,08079,,00,M,,*7GGAA1,,,,,,,*EGRC011.9,,,,.000,610,N4 $PT,.0T,,.0N00,,*2$PG,08179,,00,M,,*6GGAA1,,,,,,,*EGRC011.9,,,,.000,610,N4 $PT,.0T,,.0N00,,*2$PG,08279,,00,M,,*5GGAA1,,,,,,,*EGRC011.9,,,,.000,610,N4 $PT,.0T,,.0N00,,*2$PG,08379,,00,M,,*4GGAA1,,,,,,,*EGGV110*9GRC011.9,,,,.000,610,N4 $PT,.0T,,.0N00,,*2$PG,08479,,00,M,,*3GGAA1,,,,,,,*EGRC011.9,,,,.000,610,N4 $PT,.0T,,.0N00,,*2$PG,08579,,00,M,,*2GGAA1,,,,,,,*EGRC011.9,,,,.000,610,N4 $PT,.0T,,.0N00,,*2$PG,08679,,00,M,,*1GGAA1,,,,,,,*EGRC011.9,,,,.000,610,N4
  11. UART

    thanks @artvvb for reply yeah i changed the ClkFrequecy to 50000000(50 Mhz) my board nexys 2 frequency. and also applied the chanes ypu mentioned but still i m facing same problem but one thing i have noticed that when i choose two stop bit on terminal then sometime it receive complete string but not all the time.
  12. UART

    Hello everyone I am currently working on a fpga UART code I can Transmit and Receive a single byte from pc and board.but when I send string of data I skip alternate bytes. like suppose I send 123 then at receiver I get 13. if I send 12345 then I receive 135 and so on.i have used this site code. any suggestion please.
  13. pmod gps

    Hello Sir @D@n I was trying a uart code and receiving this warning Command Line: bitgen -intstyle ise -f UART_RX_TOP.ut UART_RX_TOP.ncd WARNING:PhysDesignRules:367 - The signal <i_Clk_IBUF> is incomplete. The signal does not drive any load pins in the design. WARNING:PhysDesignRules:367 - The signal <i_UART_RX_IBUF> is incomplete. The signal does not drive any load pins in the design. any suggestion please. following is a top level module UART_RX_TOP (input i_Clk , // Main Clock input i_UART_RX , // UART RX Data output [7:0] leds ); wire w_RX_DV; wire [7:0] w_RX_Byte; //receiver instatiate // 25,000,000 / 115,200 = 217 UART_RX #(.CLKS_PER_BIT(5208)) UART_RX_Inst (.i_Clock(i_Clk), .i_RX_Serial(i_UART_RX), .o_RX_DV(w_RX_DV), .o_RX_Byte(w_RX_Byte));
  14. pmod gps

    @D@n yes i will follow you. i need to design a tracking system that will give us latitude and logitude value using gsm. i have done programs on vhdl of TX and RX between pc and fpga they work fine.but then someone suggested me about microblaze i studied that and done TX and RX program in c language also. but i was stuck there how to use pmods. i really need your help please help me to get through this task.
  15. pmod gps

    @jpeyron the vivado dont support old fpga series like my Nexys 2 so i guess i cant work that.