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  1. JColvin, Thank you very much for your reply. I had started read about some of the chipkit libraries, but never drilled down deep enough to find the valuable information you pointed me too. I now have a simple I/O running at programmable update rate. FYI: I am using the Analog Discovery logic analyzer, scope, and function generator to take measurements. To pass a single channel of ADC input to the DAC output takes about 28 us. I don't know if there is a way to speed that up. Here is my code snippet from the Callback: uint32_t MyCallback(uint32_t currentTime) { digitalWrite(7, H
  2. I would like to run TimerOne based examples for the Analog Shield on the UNO32. As I see it the Arduino TimerOne library is only for AVR parts. Is there an equivalent library for the UNO32 that provides this functionality. To me the Analog Shield under UNO32 is not very useful without the ability to do Timer/interrupt driven processing. Thanks for any insights the community can provide.