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  1. vishnu

    DDR3 configuration

    Hello @[email protected] Thanks for your explanation , now I got little idea where has to take care of storing data issues and got some help to give explanation how the data will propogate and to make a decision for data flow . (have to get idea how data during refresh cycles to handle). Regards Vishnu
  2. vishnu

    DDR3 configuration

    Hello Everyone, This is Vishnu , FPGA Design Engineer. I need help from you, in my project I need to get data into DDR from camera and has to given for another data processing module. Here I have some doubts regarding storage . 1) As camera is line scanning camera , Is it possible to store line information from camera (line-by-line) and to access it full line-by-line directly.(data is of 12 bit). 2) How many cycles will be delayed if configuration is done with Microblaze . 3) Help me out some links for the configuration to do in customized version.