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  1. Anyone besides me think this is a pretty important fact that should be noted in the tutorials. How are we supposed to get to Mars if we can't get past the 'spaces' ;-) Thank You for your responses
  2. Well if this ain't the damnedest bug since the short haired reed shorting relay moth............................ I was bothered by this error -- " Program File cannot be empty" . I looked at the bin file and it certainly wasn't empty. I finally deduced that Vivado was having a file path problem. Here is what I discovered: If you are programming the RAM via JTAG Vivado doesn't give a hoot about the BIT file path protocol. If you program the SPI and there are any 'spaces' in your path name Vivado can't find the BIN file. Am I just ignorant and everyone else knows about t
  3. Hello, Thank you for taking your time to address my issue, I'll keep it short. BASYS3 2 different boards Vivado 2016.4 My project and BASYS3 Programming Web Tutorial Win 7 and Win 10 I can program and run the BASYS3 board using BIT file and JTAG RAM but I get an error if I use the SPI x4 Flash and BIN file. program_hw_cfgmem -hw_cfgmem [get_property PROGRAM.HW_CFGMEM [lindex [get_hw_devices] 0 ]] Program File cannot be empty ERROR: [Labtools 27-3161] Flash Programming Unsuccessful ERROR: [Common 17-39] 'program_hw_cfgmem' failed due to earlier erro