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  1. Thank! That thread led me to download library files that did work HERE.
  2. I have used the latest Arduino IDE, which is version 1.8.0. I've tried several genuine Arduino Uno boards. The issue persists.
  3. I'm using an official Arduino Uno. I've tried it on the Arduino IDE versions 1.0.7, and 1.8.0 I'm not using any chipkit core, just the Arduino. I've tried including the SPI.h header. I've tried compiling all four example ino files. They all give the same compilation errors.
  4. After installing the Arduino analogShield library, and restarting the IDE, I tried to compile this simple program #include <analogShield.h> void setup() { } void loop() { } The compiler returned a bunch of lines like this ../Arduino/libraries/analogShield/analogShield.cpp:314: error: 'SPI_MODE_MASK' was not declared in this scope as if that the compiler was not recognizing the header file. Yet it obviously read the header file or it wouldn't know that SPI_MODE_MASK was even a thing. Any suggestions about how to move forward?