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  1. Thanks for the reply. It's a shame it will be a while. I will wait with interest.
  2. @attilla - thanks for the confirmation. I have one more question - if the sample rate in record mode can be "1-2MHz", any suggestions for why I get error messages and warning messages right down to about 100kHz sample rate? Is there anything I can do to ensure a consistent capture at 2MHz as that's what I need for my 400kHz I2C protocol? I'm connected directly to my PC's USB port (no hub, although I tried that too).
  3. One more thought. Is it possible to reduce the number of channels sampled in order to increase the sample rate in the record mode? e.g. only sample 4 channels for a increase of 4x the sample rate?
  4. @attilla - thank for clarifying. IMHO USB 3.0 would be a great future upgrade to enable continuous high speed acquisition for the logic analyzer function.
  5. Thanks for the response @attilla, Is there an approximate release date for the upgraded version of the Waveforms software that fixes the bug? Thanks, Ross
  6. Hi, I'm trying to capture a 400kHz I2C waveform for a second or two using the logic analyzer function. Because the AD2 buffer size is small I am using record mode. When I do this with the default device configuration in the device manager (option 1 16x4k for Logic) I get the error "Samples were lost! Reduce sample rate". If I reduce the buffer dize and the sample rate I can change the message to "Samples could be lost! Reduce sample rate". My understanding is that I should be able to operate at 1-2MHz and that it's the USB bandwidth in conjunction with the buffer size that is the
  7. Does running with a USB 3.0 connection enable a higher sample rate in record mode than the 1-2MHz mentioned above?