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  1. I also ran into issue using the Logic Analyzer in Record mode. IMHO, this mode is very limited in terms of usability. I often get nonsense data when retrieving data in this mode. Also, recording at 1-2MHz seems to be pretty slow to be useful with SPI and even i2c communication. My 4-channel Saleae does a much better job in recording data and reliably decode this info although having a much lower spec in terms of hardware. I think this is something that can be fixed in the software side. Having the capability to record data and reliably decode them for a long period of time is really critical in debugging firmware issue.
  2. Sorry for digging this old thread. @attila, i think this is a stellar feature. This will make AD2 so much more usable as a logic analyzer. Although i use my AD2 in a daily basic, i found myself switching to Salaea for logic analyzer due to its capability to infinitely capture samples (of course, there's a limitation which is my hard drive size). Looking forward to future update. Thanks Hoang
  3. Hi, The AD2 as a logic analyzer lacks the capability to infinitely record samples as compared to Saleae LA. In Record mode, i can only record a maximum of 10M samples, with 20MHz sampling rate for 8MHz SPI communication, i can only record samples for 0.5 second! Hardware-wise, the 2 equipment are pretty comparable. I think this limitation is only on the software side. Does anybody know if this is possible and if there's any plan to implement this in the near feature? Thanks