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  1. All, I've managed to get the audio portion of the Zybo base design working in Vivado 2014.2. I ended up having to build the project from scratch using the base design as a reference for the block diagram. Attached is a screenshot of the block diagram that I ended up with. I'm moving on to trying to get to where I can have the I2S IP core trigger an interrupt in the processor every time it sends a block of samples to memory via DMA. This should allow me to continuously process audio in real time instead of record and playback (at least that's my thinking). -J
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to get something working with the audio codec on the Zybo board. In the end, I want to sample an electronic musical instrument, do some signal processing, and output the processed signal, but for now I'm trying to get the demo from the base design working. I can get the demo to work using the supplied bit stream by creating an SDK project with the bitstream provided in the project files. If I open the PL project in a newer version of Vivado (2014.3), upgrade the IP cores, generate a bitstream, and run the demo from the SDK as before, the program hangs and doesn't print anything to the terminal. I've narrowed down where the program hangs using print statements to when the audio codec is being initialized. In particular, it seems that the code has an issue with the "Xil_Out32()" around line number 146 of the audio_demo.c file. To me this likely means that there is an issue with the programmable logic, so perhaps when I upgraded the IP cores for the new version of VIvado? I've also tried deleting the generic IP cores in the block design and running the connection automation, but with the same results. I am using an external supply to power the board with 5V and a max of 1A, so that shouldn't be an issue. I'm curious if anybody else has tackled something like this and/or updated the Zybo base design for newer versions of Vivado. -J