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  1. Most of the individual pixel strips are the dc5v low voltage strip,but dc5v will not be so convenient installation in some cases, for most led device are just dc12v,so the new dc12v GS8208 individual pixel led strip can easily use in these equipment devices or led projects. Also for the same wattage strips, the current of dc12v strip will be much lower than the dc5v led strips,as the sk6812,ws2813,apa102,so it is not so higher temperature and more safety. The GS8208 is a type of featured IC for our dc12v individual pixel led products,it is not only dc12v but also feature-rich with dual-signal break-point function (one bad led,the signal still transfer),built-in program effects,it can work without controller when power on it, but also can run as your own DIY programs with your controller system. Videos about the DC12V GS8208 LED Strips
  2. and what is the difference with the sk6822 led? it seems the same as the ws2813 with 4 wires,and they are both dual signal,
  3. could the ws2813 use the same code as ws2812b? WS2813 LED.pdf