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  1. Possibly solved . . . . From: "You may find a prebuilt BusyBox ramdisk for the ZedBoard inside the Linux Hardware Design, available at The ramdisk is found within the project at ZedBoard_Linux_Design/sd_image/ramdisk8M.image.gz. To use the prebuilt ramdisk, place the “ramdisk8M.image.gz” file on the FAT partition of the SD card. You are now ready to build the Linux kernel."
  2. Succesfully made it to section "5.2-Instructions" of the Zybo tutorial. However, the following command fails: ./u-boot-Digilent-Dev/tools/mkimage -A arm -T ramdisk -c gzip -d ./ramdisk8M.image.gz uramdisk.image.gz My efforts have hit a brick wall as I have no ramdisk8M.image.gz (performed a find -name "ram*"). Additionally, there is no mention of this file previously in the tutorial. Does anyone have a suggestion for resolving the missing ramdisk8M.image.gz? Please respond and thanks.
  3. Upon inspecting the Vivado 2014.4's output log after generating Bitstream . . . ... Processing options... Creating bitmap... Creating bitstream... Writing bitstream ./system_wrapper.bit... INFO: [Vivado 12-1842] Bitgen Completed Successfully. ... Which correlates to zybo_base_system/source/vivado/hw/zybo_bsd/zybo_bsd.sdk/system_wrapper_hw_platform_0/system_wrapper.bit Apparently, system.bit has been updated to system_wrapper.bit in Vivado 2014.4
  4. Using Xilinx Software Development Kit Release Version: 2014.4, attempting to create Zynq Boot Image, but where is system.bit? Following the tutorial: "Click Add to add the system.bit file found at /zybo_base_system/source/vivado/hw/zybo_bsd/zybo_bsd.sdk/SDK/SDK_Export/hw_platform_0/" I am unable to locate system.bit. Please see search of my working directory ( ie myStuff/Xilinx/digilent_zybo_tutorial/working/zybo_base_system/ ) $ find . -name "system.bit" ./zybo_base_system/source/ise/SDK/hw_platform/system.bit ./zybo_base_system/source/ise/SDK/bootgen/system.bit The closest
  5. Adding clearification . . . Using "git clone" and performing "make CROSS_COMPILE=arm-xilinx-linux-gnueabi- zynq_zybo_config" provided the following falure: make: *** No rule to make target `zynq_zybo_config'. Stop. make: *** [zynq_zybo_config] Error 1 However, using "git clone -b master-next" and perfoming "make CROSS_COMPILE=arm-xilinx-linux-gnueabi- zynq_zybo_config" was successful.