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  1. Hello @attila Thank you for pointing this out. I had mistakenly thought the scope would simply trigger on the wavegen output, but it seems that it triggers on a wavegen "start", so running the wavegen in "continuous mode" does not provide triggers. This was not at all clear from the documentation. Your explanation cleared this up nicely!
  2. I am using the Analog Discovery 2, and the latest version of WaveForms, 3.7.5, on Mac OS 10.13.3. I find that triggering the Scope on Channel 1 or Channel 2 works fine, but trying to trigger on either Wavegen channel does not give me any triggers. The same is true when trying to trigger off a pattern. The interface seems quite intuitive, but I must be missing something because I cannot get the wave form generator and the scope to synchronize, unless I trigger normally on one of the scope channels. Is there some documentation on how to do this? Thanks!