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  1. Hi, In my Microblaze design I am using PmodWifi and Pmod ACL2.I want to send PmodACL2 data connected at JXADC port via Pmod Wifi and want to display sensor data at web server page for that I combined deWebIOServerSrc and PmodACL2 main code.It is not showing any error. Problem is that, 1) In Tera Term serial terminal some FIFO data=2047 is showing with status=FF which is continuously updating.Previously IP status was showing. How to identify is data transmitting over wifi or not? 2) It is taking some predefined data at the place of connected sensor data at JXADC pmod po
  2. [email protected], Now the previous error is solved thanks for that but I am getting difficulty while showing PmodACL2 output at web server or HTTP Server page. I am getting errors which shown in attached pictures. What are the procedures for showing PmodACL2 sensor data at HTTP server web page? If you have related information or resources please share with me. Thanks, DEWANG SHUKLA
  3. [email protected], Thanks for your valuable help. Now the previous error got solve I am getting some another error message in main.c file some header file is missing " fatal error: platform.h: No such file or directory main.c /PmodWifiACL/src line 2 C/C++ Problem". Thanks, DEWANG SHUKLA
  4. Hi, I am using nexys 4 Artix 7 fpga. I want to access sensor data connected at JXADC Pmod port and the sensor output data I want to display on HTTP Server or in a web page.I already able to access GPIO pin through HTTPServer and turning on off fpga board leds.I added PmodACL2 code but it's showing error "invalid conversion from 'u32* {aka long unsigned int*}' to 'u32 {aka long unsigned int}' [-fpermissive] xspi_l.h /PmodWifiACL/src line 122 C/C++ Problem" I am facing problem in interfacing PmodACL2 with HTTPServer code for displaying sensor output at HTTPServer page or