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  1. Hi Dan, First of all, thank you for your answer. I apologize for the time of my answer but Digilent didn't sent me an e mail that someone did answer me. Your answer is very usefull ans I am trying to figure out some issues with my friends about your questions. Because of the finals exams, we will speak about it in 1 week. If you have times, I will ask another question Anyway, I thank you again for your answer Merry Christmas, Laurent
  2. Hi everybody ! With some friends of mine, we are working on a Electromiogram project . We have already write a code on Matlab and soon we would like to write it on a FPGA We think a 150 MHZ core will be enough. Unfortunately I don't have additionnal information. I've already used an FPGA thanks to the software ISE but have never choose one. Maybe the project will help you to find out what is the best FPGA we need. Actually, we gonna put about twelve electrodes that we gonna first process with filters (RIF). After this, we gonna find if there is an activity thanks to an amplitude detection. The output signal is a 0 or a 1. WIth 12 electrode there are 2^12 combinaison so we will need th think differently but we already have a solution about this. Anyway, a combinaison will result as a specific move of the arm (yes because we are working on a arm). I know it is not much but if you could tell us "this one is good enough or this one", it will be very kind ! Moreover, any advise is very welcome "you should think about this parameter or this one before purchasing any FPGA..." Thank you everybody, Laurent