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  1. Hello, After re-building the supply , I changed the barrel connector and the board now gets powered up . Thank you JColvin sir for your reply :-)
  2. Hello JColvin, Thank you for your reply. Yes, the board still works when I power it up using the USB. As you have suggested, I shall recheck the current output , although I am quite certain it should be able to provide 1A as I have been using the similar supplies in operating photo-detectors , amplifiers etc. At the moment, I need to re-work the 5V supply section as it has got short. Maybe, the barrel connector could be a culprit. I shall update whenever I get the thing working. It is good to know from you that I am not missing anything while using the external supply.
  3. Hello everyone, I built a power stabilization feedback circuit using the Nexys 3 board. For this application, I need the board to get powered up externally using a 5V DC wall supply . For this purpose, I used a coax-center positive 2.1 mm internal diameter barrel plug (as was mentioned in the page 7 of the manual which is attached along with this query). I changed the power select jumper JP1 from "USB" to "Wall" . Now I supplied power from an external 5V DC supply and as I turned on the onboard switch , the board did not power up and also, somehow, the power supply circuit got 'short' .It maybe mentioned here that there was nothing wrong in the power supply which I used for this case i.e. it was working fine prior to this . Also on changing the power select jumper back to "USB" , the board still gets powered up via the Adept USB port. Hence, this made me believe that I might be missing something in getting the board powered up externally. Also, there is a J11 jumper in case, someone wants to power up the board using a battery . However, before going ahead with that , I thought its best to clarify things lest I might end up damaging the board. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time. PS : The power supply I used is a home-built general purpose power supply giving +/- 24V , +/-15 V , +/- 18 V and +5V as the output. While other voltages are still good , the +5 V section got shorted out when I tried to power on the nexys 3 board. Nexys3_rm_fromDigilent.pdf