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  1. Hello I have looked at all the uart interrupt example, it all send data only once, so I have modified the xuartlite_intr_example.c so that it can send the data for 6 times using for loop.I hook up two uart, uart 0 is the usb so I can see the result from my PC, uart 1 is connect to the Pmod for a physical loop,only the uart 1 was connected to the interrupt controler. During the test the data only be send in the first time, the other 5 times there were nothing. But the TotalReceivedCount and TotalSentCount in void SendHandler and void RecvHandler all show that 32 bytes data were all been se
  2. Hello dan I have used two uart, one is for communication between genesys and dspace through rs232, the other is for communication with a PC through usb, the printf function is for the usb communication,and UartLitePolledExample function is for the rs232 .I have solved the losing data problem by changing the dspace simulation period, but the while function still not working like I wish, which is sending 0 to 32 constantly to the rs232, now it only send 0 to 32 once and then stop, and all the examples from uart are only sending data once, so how could the uart update the values
  3. Hello dan Thanks for the well detailed information, appreciate . You are correct about the baurate, the dspace must switch to skip read operation on the receive unit in order to get the full 54 byte from 4 period cause it runs in 0.001s and the baurate cant go that high, but I still have no idea why the raspberry pi dont require this option. The interrupt is for the genesys, it apparently the example only enable the interrupt and forgot to disable it at the end , so when I use multi uart for both usb and rs232, the interrupt effect both. But I still cant get the rs232 send data multi time
  4. hello dan I use both Pi and genesys on Dspace, with pi connect to dspace the communication runs fine, but genesys have problem. I use Hterm on a PC with rs232, the data seems correct, but I cant send the data multi times like using:while(1){status=XuartLite_Send()}, it can only send the data once. And here I have used the interrupt model. If I use the poll example without interrupt the data get overlap, instead of sending 01234.. it send 010101...The baurate is 115200 on both side. Now I solve the 10 byte receiving problem by using the XuartLite_Send twice and it can receive the othe
  5. Hello Im working on using a Pmodrs232(digilent version B ) to communicate with dspace and genesys2, the problem is when I use only tx and rx from a custom defind uart block in vivado, i can send a 16 byte data to computer but the dspace can only receive part of the data, normally 10 byte and with the same setup(only connect rx tx and power ground) the raspberry pi work fine, so is not the dspace problem. Further more when I send data using loop function, the data get overlap and only receive the first two. I notice the Pmodrs232 have CTS and RTS with no connection and think maybe the rasp
  6. HI Dan Thanks, I will have a look, appreciated.
  7. hi jpeyron Thank you very much, I will try it. But currently I meet some problem with the ethernet echo example,I use a ethernet to usb converter connect to the board, but somehow I cant open the terminal with Board IP Tera Term always said connection time out. I have used ping in the command windows, it shows the IP have no respond but the packages are all received and 0 missing, which IP is come out of nowhere(not the converter's IP), that just so weird. Is that example require a router to connect PC and the FPGA? Because I just connect them di
  8. hi jpeyron It works, many thanks. The model I used from genesys 2 tutorial missed an axi_mem_intercon, now it runs.
  9. hi [email protected] and @jpeyron Thanks for the reply, I have tried the Pmodrgb example from genesys 2, and it seems working, there are signals at the scope,then I switch the Pmodoledrgb IP to Pmodoled IP using the same sdk code and there are no response and I have already used jpeyrons library, and I found the IP Interface from PmodOLED is missing like the pic, is this the problem or should I use different sdk code from the Pmodoledrgb?
  10. hello, as a beginner,I just got a genesys2 for working on a mpc control project, I want to use the onboardoled to show some parameters but the onboardoled ip I got from the boardfile has no ip interface on it, and didnt work at all by following the pmodoled tutorial. Am I doing it the wrong way?Is there any tutorial that can show me how to use the oled, I would appreciate for any help