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  1. fernando

    stored .bit basys 2

    thanks for the explanation. Do you know where I can find the software that is engraved in the ROM of the basys 2 card? Since I have rescheduled it and I do not have it in any file.?
  2. fernando

    stored .bit basys 2

    Because you do not put fpga non-volatile on the digilien cards if an FPGA does not volatis is better than a volatile fpga ?. Money?
  3. fernando

    stored .bit basys 2

    The fpga exists volatile and not volatile. If it is non-volatile it can be programmed only once or on the contrary it can be programmed several times without having to store the configuration in flash. However I thought the card basys 2 had a non-volatile fpga. Thank you.
  4. fernando

    stored .bit basys 2

    But it is assumed that an FPGA stores the configuration in it permanently.
  5. Hi, I want to know because when I save a .bit file on the basys 2 card, the configuration is not stored once the card is turned off. Thank you. Fernando.
  6. fernando

    basys 2 Spartan-3E FPGA Trainer

    ello, I want to know if the basys 2 card can be programmed only with ise webpack or need adept? thanks
  7. fernando

    Nexys 4 artix 7

    Hi, here is a screen of the cards that supports xilinx "ise design suite 14.7". Is there a compatible digilent card? Thank you. I will be grateful if you indicate me some card with 8 switches to be able to buy it in case of being compatible.
  8. fernando

    Nexys 4 artix 7

    Hi, I want to know with which software is compatible NEXYS 4 ARTix 7 of xilinx, since there are several. Thank you.
  9. fernando

    compra nexys 4

    Buy nexys 4. hello I want to know if the card nexys 4 can be programmed with ise of xilinx in vhdl and program it with the same softearw. Ie if the card is compatible with xilinx and with that version. Thank you.