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  1. The retired product, PmodCON2 (BNC adapter,, is exactly what I need! Are there any equivalent products, or do I need to solder something myself?
  2. This is a Python question more than an FPGA question, but maybe someone on this forum can help. I have 15 BASYS 2 boards in my instructional lab. I'd like students to be able transfer data between the FPGA and a computer, and then process the data (not just observe in it Digilent Adept Register I/O). I have one PmodUSBUART, which works well, but I'd rather not buy 14 more of them. With DPIMREF.VHD ( on the FPGA, I can transfer data over the USB using Digilent Adept. We teach Python in our department, so what I'd really like is Python code that can do Register I/O like Adept does. I tried but without success. (My various attempts and resulting error messages are too numerous to list.) I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.
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    Thank you!!! That fixes it. I thought the pins were with respect to the FPGA.
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    I'm attempting to send data from a BASYS 2 to a computer using the PmodUSBUART, but it appears to never send; neither LED on the Pmod ever lights up. I'm certain that the circuit on the FPGA is correct (I'm using Example 33 from Haskell and Hannah, Learning by Example Using Verilog: Advanced Digital Design) because if I wire my output pin to an Arduino, the computer can read the data through the Arduino. But if I use the same pin as TXD on the Pmod, the computer doesn't seem to receive anything. I've tried both 0 and 1 on RTS. Any suggestions? Thanks.