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  1. Thank you Dan, that was very informative. For anyone else reading this, note that the .xdc file for the Zybo has a different naming scheme for regular Pmods than for the XADC. This was the source of my problem (Tip: Never be careless about pin assignments). I'm thinking this is due to the differential option that comes with the XADC. Again, thank you to this great community for your help!
  2. Hi guys, I am running into one final issue. Can the JSTK2 Pmod use any of the standard Pmod ports or does it require the XADC Pmod? To be clear, I would like to use two JSTK2 Pmods for a 2 player game. Is this possible? Thanks, Josh
  3. Thank you gentlemen! I just wanted to let you know that I have the joystick working now and am very grateful for your help! - Josh
  4. Hi everyone, I have seen discussion on this topic already in previous posts, but I am hoping someone has made a little progress and just hasn't posted yet. I'm hoping to be able to play audio (SFX & music) in a pong game I've made with Zybo. Does anyone have tips/experience on how to achieve this? FYI: I have an SD card, so that would be an option for audio file storage. Thanks for your time and effort! I am enjoying Zybo immensely so far. -Josh
  5. Thank you! I'm looking at p.2 of the Pmod datasheet -- Specifically the MISO. It seems like there are 2 bytes each relating to x & y position. Do you know how to interpret the various directions (e.g. Negative x axis of joystick is Byte 1, where 1024 corresponds to the 25 deg extension)? I really appreciate your help!
  6. Hello all, I'm getting started with my Zybo board and Vivado. I also purchased a PmodJSTK2 PMOD. Can anyone help me get going using this pmod? I'm eventually hoping to integrate this into a VHDL game (Just using simple up/down control from joystick). More specifically, I'm hoping someone has a simple Vivado example using the JSTK2 PMOD that is compatible with my Zybo. Thank you! PS: I would like to clarify that I have already tried the below two examples (IP w/ C program and VHDL): https://reference.digilentinc.com/learn/programmable-logic/tutorials/pmod