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  1. What I meant by real -time when I push a button on basys3 I want to see the change on variables value. This way I can see the problem on the codes. In testbenches it's hard to find the values in $display method since it can be really big values in sequential logics and hard to understand when the values change in so many row on the output console. I'm looking the solutions you provided right now. Thank you.
  2. Hi! I'm currently implementing a game with led matrix using basys3. But sometimes it become hard to understand the mistake in the code if there is a problem with the code. I know how to use testbenches but in my case it's not really helpful. So I want to make a simulation with real time physical inputs. I mean the simulation show the results when I press a push button. Is it possible?
  3. emrenass

    Programming QSPI

    @D@n Thank you so much, I'm checking those codes and document right now.
  4. emrenass

    Programming QSPI

    No I clicked to download link, I register in order to download but it said my accunt has been queued for approval. I twill be approve in 1-2 days so I cant download right now.
  5. emrenass

    Programming QSPI

    Thank you for your answer sadly, I haven't use C++ for programming an FPGA(I'm more like SystemVerilog guy) and only used C++ for understanding the concept of pointers and trees, never used C++ for personal coding. Therefore I dont really understand the codes you send me but thank you for telling me that it's possible now I'm going to search deeper, I tried to download qspi controller they're making me wait for 1-2 days in order to download. Anyway tahnk you for your answer.
  6. emrenass

    Programming QSPI

    Hi guys. I've just finished my project and I need to program the basys3 with QSPI in order to demonstrate the project. But I have one question, after the demonstration I want to take it back to default program of Basys3. Is it possible? Thank you!