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  1. Hi. I have used combination of case and i-else statements. Now the problem is that first case executes successfully but second case never executes. While synthesizing on xilinx, it gives me an error saying that "case condition never applies". Does anybody know what is the problem? Thanks Saad
  2. Hi. Does anyone know how to port embedded linux on MVME6100 powerpc board? If yes, which embedded linux version will it support? Thanks Saad
  3. I want to ask you a simple question. How you figured out that a counter that counts 3 on each cycle, its MSB will generate 15MHz clock? Is there any technique by which we can tell this?
  4. Hi. I want to generate 15MHz clock from 40MHz system clock. I could use DCM to generate this clock but i want to use counter for that purpose. Can someone tell me that how can i do that?
  5. Hi. I want to interface EEPROM with the FPGA. Can someone tell me that what is the general size of EEPROM to be attach with Virtex 4 FPGA? Thanks