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  1. Hi Dan, thanks for your reply. I used the Xilinx ISE webpack development software and programmed a linear shift register for pseudo noise generation (audio frequencies) on the CPLD starter kit board. This part worked out fine so I probably stay with the Xilinx software for now. I am looking for a way to program an external breadboardable CPLD with the JTAG port from the starter kit. So it is more a hardware concern. Unfortunately, it's seems not very feasible to connect a JTAG chain with an external CPLD as far as I can see from the schematic. So my Idea is to just connect both CPLDs in p
  2. Hi there, I've just started with CPLD design, using the Digilent Coolrunner II CPLD starter board (Rev. 3.0) and successfully synthesized my code with the Xilinx ISE development software. I would now like to integrate a Cmod breadboardable CPLD module into one of my projects. I don't own a programming cable/adapter, so I was wondering if I could use the Starter Board as a programmer via its JTAG interface. Looking at the schematic, I could not find a way to connect a JTAG daisy chain with another external CPLD, because the JTAG signals are all connected in parallel. Would i