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  1. Hi Dan, thanks for your reply. I used the Xilinx ISE webpack development software and programmed a linear shift register for pseudo noise generation (audio frequencies) on the CPLD starter kit board. This part worked out fine so I probably stay with the Xilinx software for now. I am looking for a way to program an external breadboardable CPLD with the JTAG port from the starter kit. So it is more a hardware concern. Unfortunately, it's seems not very feasible to connect a JTAG chain with an external CPLD as far as I can see from the schematic. So my Idea is to just connect both CPLDs in parallel on the same JTAG port and power only the one I would like to program. The thing I am concerned most is if the powerless CPLD could get damaged or something by this. I'm not much experienced with CPLD programming, but at least I have to suspect that some unpredictable things may happen if some unpowered pins are connected to the JTAG port while programming. I've just ordered the breadboardable CPLD and would give it a try next week, I think. Thanks Stefan
  2. Hi there, I've just started with CPLD design, using the Digilent Coolrunner II CPLD starter board (Rev. 3.0) and successfully synthesized my code with the Xilinx ISE development software. I would now like to integrate a Cmod breadboardable CPLD module into one of my projects. I don't own a programming cable/adapter, so I was wondering if I could use the Starter Board as a programmer via its JTAG interface. Looking at the schematic, I could not find a way to connect a JTAG daisy chain with another external CPLD, because the JTAG signals are all connected in parallel. Would it be possible to simply not power the CPLD on the Starter Board (detatching JP2) and connect the external CPLD to the JTAG pins? Best regards Stefan