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  1. Hi @jpeyron, thank you for your answer, you solved my doubt. Best Regards Aurelio
  2. Hi @jpeyron, thank you for your answer but I was thinking that I can solder an external USB cable, more precisely D+ and D- wires somewhere, for example if there are series resistor between the connector and the FTDI chip? To recover JTAG and UART functionality. I know that USB/JTAG part of the schematic is not available. Thank you Regards Aurelio
  3. Hi all, during development with Arty A7 I accidentally make it fall with the USB (J10) connected. After that the connector broke the PCB connections, I tried to solder again but without success so the question is, can I solder another USB cable to the board to recover the programming and UART functionality? Moreover, where can I connect the USB pins? Thank you Regards