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  1. Hi, Whenever I am trying to use the logic analyzer in the 4th mode (16 x 16k buffer) and trying to capture spi events, the software get stuck to "config" as you can see on the picture attached. Please help!
  2. Hi, I'm trying to correctly read data from a spi line. Whenever I'm capturing data, glitches from the SS line make the software wrongly interpret the bytes. As you can see on the picture that I attached, the byte should be interpreted as 108. Here, the software cuts the byte in two and interprets it as ?96 and ?0. What should I do? I have another question. I'm trying to record two spi words of 8 bits, but that are separate by few milliseconds. How can I capture both bytes? Repeated mode makes the data acquisition great, but I am only able to capture the last word of the two (sin
  3. Hi, I am now able to see "some" data, but I am unable to see the clock signal. The sck pin is plugged in the right analog discovery I/O pin. Another thing is that the clock frequency shown by the software is really slow compared to the actual data transfer speed (I have set it to 1MHz). First byte sent was 255 and second byte was 1 (the analog discovery got that right)..
  4. Hi, I bought an analog discovery few months ago and been really happy with my purchase but for one point: I'm unable to analyze spi protocol with the logic analyzer. I have no problem using the software to see slower protocol such as uart, but when it comes to spi, I can't get the settings right to see the bits in a spi line. I'm joining a picture of the software with the data that I get... I can confirm that actual spi data is transferring in the line that I am probing and that the analog discovery cables are at the right place. Thanks for your help, Mar
  5. Thanks greatly appreciated
  6. Hi, I just bought the Analog Discovery 2 and I was looking for a way to generate serial data(uart, spi) to test my projects through the digital output pins. I was wandering since there is a logic analyser and interpreters for serial communication data. Thanks for you help