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  1. Hello @sbobrowicz,

    I am planning to create a baremetal application. 

    I understood now what you meant by porting my demo code.

    The thing is that I wanted to use the RTCC Pmod on the PS connector. This Pmod doesn't have an IP in the vivado-library which I downloaded from github.

    I saw in a tutorial that you can use the Pmod Bridge (from the vivado library) if your Pmod IP doesn't already exist and customize it. 

    Do you think that it is better to use the Bridge or to create my own IP for the RTCC? I'm thinking I should stop trying to connect the OLEDrgb on the PS Pmod and start trying to work directly with the RTCC.



  2. Hello @sbobrowicz,

    Thank you for replying!

    I wanted to use the JE Pmod, connected to the PS because i wanted to use the RTCC Pmod from Digilent in my project. And I wanted to connect it on this port. 

    Are there any sensitive differences in connecting the RTCC Pmod on the PL side or on the PS side? For example, i thought that if an error appears in the PL side, maybe i will still be able to read the time from the RTCC or something like this.


    I see now why using the SPI1 controller is the only way to do this, but i'm not sure i understood what really means to port my code in the SDK or how to do it. Sorry for asking, but can you a little more specific?

    Should I let the design as it is and try to do the matching between the SPI controllers in the SDK code?


    PS. I tried to remake the design and activate SPI1 controller.

    The thing that is unclear is what to do with the output pins of the Pmod OLEDrgp IP?

    I tried to make the whole port External, but i obviously got an error which said that some of my ports are set to the "DEFAULT" value, instead of a user assigned specific value.

    The second option was to let them unconnected and the bitstream is generated completely, but i got a critical warning which said that my input pins (when i expand the single output of the OLEDrgb Pmod, it contains several output pins and 8 input pins) are not connected to anything. 


    Thank you in advance!

  3. Hello @jpeyron and @D@n,

    I downloaded the new board files and now it works fine. 

    Anyway, I figured out what were the issues and managed to get the OLEDrgb and Keypad working on PL PMods.

    Now, I have a problem to get them working on the PS Pmod (JE).

    I tried to use the the SPI1 controller, mapped on the MIO 10..15 pins (which i have read that are mapped on the JE1 Pmod), but it didn't work at all.

    After that, I tried to use SPI0 mapped on the EMIO (in the design, I made it External) and tried to use constraints to map the SPI pins on the JE1 Pmod pins. Anyway, i wasn't able to do that because the JE1 pins are on the Bank500, so i can not select them.

    I also tried to make the output of the Pmod Oledrgb module External and map these pins on the JE1 Pmod, but i had the same problem as using the SPI0.

    Another idea was trying to write some physical constraints (to map the pins on JE1) directly in the OLEDrgb ip folder, but it didn't help. Vivado could not see the pins whici correspond to JE Pmod.


    I'm quite new at hardware matters, so i'm sure that i'm missing something somewhere.

    Anyway, any ideas would be appreciated.

    Thank you both for helping! Have a nice day!


  4. Hi,

    I already set the I/O pins to LVCMOS3V3. 

    So I have tested both the PmodOLEDrgb and PmodKYPD and they only work correctly on JB connector. 

    The rest of the connectors (JA, JC and JD) do not work for PmodOLEDrgb at all and for PmodKYPD the application runs incorrectly (it doesn't display the correct digit/letter pressed).

    Best regards,


  5. Hello,

    My name is Cristina and I have a question regarding the connection of PmodOLEDrgb to Zedboard platform. I tried putting the PMOD on different connectors, but it only works on JB. I added the vivado-boards and vivado-library packages. 

    I looked at the pin assignment from the Zedboard Hardware reference manual and noticed that, for instance, for JA1 and the PMOD the pins are differently mapped(Table 1). I tried to do the mapping like in the manual, but it still doesn't work.

    PmodOLED pins

    Zedboard Hardware Reference Manual

    Vivado I/O Planning

    (put automatically when adding PmodOLEDrgb IP)

























    Any idea of what I'm doing wrong is more than welcome.


    Best regards, 


  6. Hi,
    I tried to make the tutorial "Getting the PmodOLEDrgb to work on Zybo" available on the instructables.com website to work for Zedboard. 
    When I program the FPGA and run the application nothing gets displayed on the OLEDrgb Pmod.
    Are there any setup steps that need to be done?
    I have no error messages and no warnings.
    Best regards,