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  1. Hello, I tried several mute circuits. Since analog discovery internal power supply is disabled at start-up, it requires an external for op-amp. The relay circuit may be simpler.
  2. Thank you for the answer. I understood the mechanism of noise generation. I will add a delay relay circuit to the analog output.
  3. Hi, When start and stop Analog Discovery 2, a pop noise on analog output. It will appear few ms from FDwfDeviceOpen or FDwfDeviceClose function call. Since the noise voltage is + 3/-1.5V, it will exceed 1Vpp of the maximum absolute rating of the connected instrument. How can I reduce pop noise? Thanks,
  4. Hello, mijq I created a wrapper that can be called from VB6 by modifying __stdcall calling convention and DEF file. Readme.txt is written in Japanese, sorry. To use it, copy the wrapper [digilent.dll] to the [%windir%/system32] folder Thanks 160314_dwf_wrapper.zip