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  1. Hey Jon, I see that now thanks! Best, Hashir
  2. Hey Jon, Where can I find the library? I don't think it's included in the peripheral library. Or perhaps the definition of the setCursor function? Thanks, Hashir
  3. I'm trying to write a code that will display the character H in the left top corner when the potentiometer is fully counter-clockwise, H in the middle when potentiometer is halfway between ccw and cw, and finally H in the right top corner when potentiometer is fully clockwise. Though my code works, I used a for loop to iterate through all the LEDS before the place where I want to put the H character. I wanted to know how I can change the position of the column number of the Oled. Here's my code: #include<p32xxxx.h> #include<plib.h> #pragma config POSCMOD=HS, FNOSC = PRIPL