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  1. Hi Jon, Well, I hooked up the O-scope to the SPI bus on both the Uno and the Max32. The Max23 does not seem to be communicating.... only noise. I tried looking through the post you suggested, but the library file for a shield is a little over my pay grade. Thanks, Mike
  2. Hello Jon, I am using the following software: chipKIT core : Version 1.3.1 - 02SEP2016 Arduino IDE : Version 1.6.13 - 15DEC2016 I also tried MPIDE as suggested. So far the same results. The Analog SHIELD works with the Uno but not the Max32. I'm starting to wonder if my Max32 board has a problem with it's SPI bus. Is there a way to check communication... say with and o-scope. If so what would be a simple test? Thanks, Mike
  3. Hi JColvin, Thanks for the quick response. I took note of each of the points you made, and double checked the board configuration. 1) The voltage setting of the Analog SHIELD is set to 3.3V (the same as the Arduino and chipKIT). 2) JP3 and JP4 are set to Master. 3) I have not connected the Network SHIELD, yet. But, I will look at Pin 53 more closely when I do (thanks). I also have no need of the USB port on the Network SHIELD, but I will investigate pin 2 further as well. 4) The power select jumper is set to "reg". I have both the USB (for serial monitoring) and a
  4. Hello, I am working with the chipKIT Max32, chipKIT Network Shield, and ti / Stanford Analog SHIELD from Digilent. I need to be able to generate various analog signal remotely (Ethernet). I have not been successful using the Analog SHEILD with the Max32 (much less the addition of the Network Shield). However, using my Arduino Uno, I am able to generate a signal using the "passthrough" and "ramp" example with the Analog Shield. I would continue to use the Uno, however, I need the extra digital I/O the Max32 (Mega format) has to offer. Also, I have verified basic communication with Max
  5. Are Analog Shield and Network Shields are compatible with the chipKIT Max32 at the same time? If so are there any special considerations? Thanks you for any help you can provide.