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  1. Hi Jon, Thank you for your help. Unfortunately we can not migrate to newer version of sdk right now. Like a temporary workaround for this issue I added few low level commands which are called by UART command. But in this case I can not use Analog Discover 2 to debug ZedBoard’s using USB-JTAG. I'm think this question can be closed. P.S. It will be good if debug comm. interface like USB-JTAG(ZedBoard) and USB interface to logic analyzer will have an different hardware id VID/PID. Please take it into account in future releases. Thanks, Volodymyr
  2. I have an error trying to Program FPGA or launch program(Run/Debug) by Xilinx SDK on ZedBoard (through J17 USB-JTAG) with connected Analog Discovery 2 to the same laptop. I noticed that Analog Discover 2 USB interface and ZedBoard’s USB-JTAG (J17) have the same hardware id VID/PID. So the issue can be caused by that. Using Vivado: Program and Debug->Open Hardware Manager-> Open Target I can select correct USB interface and can program FPGA. In SDK I have an error listed below. Is there are any way to recognize hardware target in SDK and configure hardware server by some