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  1. Hello mwso, may I ask what CPU you got in your system? Here are some (maybe) related threads:
  2. Hi Daniel, I guess you haven't specified the include and library paths? Well this is what seems to work here: # copy to /tmp and cd to it so we are able to write as normal user $ cp -r /usr/share/digilent/waveforms/samples/dwfcmd /tmp/ && cd /tmp/dwfcmd # actual compile $ g++ -o dwfcmd dwfcmd.cpp -I/usr/include/digilent/waveforms/ -ldwf BTW: Have you seen this github repository? HTH
  3. Hi guys, maybe checkout a possible workaround I posted in the other thread clf already linked to here.
  4. Hi guys, I recently got my analog discovery 2 and experienced the same behavior an my notebook (but not on my desktop). I did a bit of research/debugging and got a functional but rather ugly workaround. tl;dr: (re)compile your systems libc without --enable-lock-elision and extend the LD_LIBRARY_PATH of the /usr/bin/waveforms script to that lib-path (maybe better to not install it system wide) Long version: I got my AD2 and tried to get it running on my notebook. waveforms started fine without the hardware but always crashed with the AD2 attached. So I tested on my desktop syst