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  1. JColvin -

    Can you possibly elevate this question? We are purchasing 200X of your ZYBO boards for 3 classes next semester.

    Two of those classes - I would like to include a project that does HDMI IN and VGA out.

    You have a great code example but we are not able to make changes.

    I have put a first question to this on November 11. It is now one month later.

    Come on Digilent folks - we are spending $20K+ on your boards. And we are also introducing 200 students to your products.

    I am happy to have technical support like this forum.

    Waiting for 1 month for answer like what I am asking is not acceptable. 

    The simple question we have is that digilent IP is protected so we are unable to modify it.

    We are simply asking to get a version of your IP that we can change so that students can explore making their own image processing functions.

    Are we asking for too much? I am upset that it is taking so long to answer our question.

    Sorry for the rant. Hoping to hear from you soon.


    Fouad Kiamilev


    ECE Department

    University of Delaware


  2. Hi Sam,

    We followed your advice and edited the file rgb2vga_0 file in the packager. We were able to compile the code. The change we made was to hard code the output as shown below. We also uploaded a picture of the block diagram which indicates that the output of this module drives the VGA output. When we run the code we get a black screen instead of green one. Do you know what we may have gotten wrong?





    vga_pRed <= (others->'0'); --int_pData(VID_IN_DATA_WIDTH-1 downto VID_IN_DATA_WIDTH - kRedDepth);
    vga_pBlue <= (others->'0'); -- int_pData(kBlueStart downto 1 + kBlueStart - kBlueDepth);
    vga_pGreen <= (others->'1'); -- int_pData(kGreenStart downto 1 + kGreenStart - kGreenDepth); 
    end Behavioral;



    Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 10.57.25 AM.png

  3. Good afternoon,

    We use digilent boards in our curriculum at University of Delaware electrical engineering department.

    Next semester, we are upgrading our freshman digital design course from BASYS2 to ZYBO boards.

    Our enrollment is typically 150 students.

    We would like to add a project at the end of the semester that will be based on your HDMI example here:

    The idea is to give the student introduction to HDMI and let them make changes to the code you provide to do something cool with incoming video.

    We have a group of students who are trying to do this as an exercise right before the class starts next semester.

    They have run into trouble - they can't change the VHDL code that is generated by your example. The code generated is marked "read only". Even when they make changes outside of VIVADO, the system overwrites their changes.

    My question to you is - can you share with us a method which can be used to add lines of code to your code examples.


    Please let us know ASAP,

    Fouad Kiamilev


    ECE Department