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  1. Hi Sam,

    Thanks for you explanation, It is very helpful. I think I have got some knowledge about the MicroBlaze and LwIP.

    This morning I researched the c language codes of the echo_server project. Found that the data come in the server by a function defined as tcp_recved(), and then echo back by a function defined as tcp_write(). When the data get in the server, it seems to be saved in a buffer automatically. There is no control parameter in  tcp_recved(). But in the write function tcp_write(), there is a input parameter p->payload to indicate that from where begin to send out the data.

    So I think if I want to instead of sending back the echo, I can modify the input data of the tcp_write(). But here comes the questions. 

    1. How can I connect the data from Pmod to the input data of tcp_write(). The SDK seems totally be separated with the FPGA board. So Do I need add the Pmod port in the Vivado? The function tcp_write() always get data from the buffer, so if I add the Pmod, how can I put the data in the buffer, and how to control the pointer p->payload point to the location where my data is at.

    2. I want to know is there a reference manual about how to use the SDK functions, it is not easy to figure out the meanings of all the functions and parameters used in the project.

  2. Recently, I'm working with the Nexys4 DDR. What I want to do is to control a peripheral device and get data from it via PMOD port, and then send the data to the PC from Ethernet port. By learning the tutorials, now I can get the data and save the data to DDR, and fetch the data from DDR via UART. However, for several days, I can not make the ethernet work. I have studied the tutorial "Getting Started with Microblaze Servers". When I finished the tutorial, I still don't know how to use it in my own project. Actually, I  even don't understand what the purpose of each step of the tutorial. The reference manual says the PHY can be accessed only by using two IP core, ati_ethernetlite and mii_to_rmii . So I am confused that why this tutorial looks like so complicated. And I want to know is there any simple tutorials or examples about the ethernet control? I am a beginner of the FPGA program, please forgive my stupid questions.