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    Nexys4 DDR ethernet

    Thanks Sam, I will try it.
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    Nexys4 DDR ethernet

    Hi Sam, Thanks for you explanation, It is very helpful. I think I have got some knowledge about the MicroBlaze and LwIP. This morning I researched the c language codes of the echo_server project. Found that the data come in the server by a function defined as tcp_recved(), and then echo back by a function defined as tcp_write(). When the data get in the server, it seems to be saved in a buffer automatically. There is no control parameter in tcp_recved(). But in the write function tcp_write(), there is a input parameter p->payload to indicate that from where begin to send out the
  3. weirao

    Nexys4 DDR ethernet

    Recently, I'm working with the Nexys4 DDR. What I want to do is to control a peripheral device and get data from it via PMOD port, and then send the data to the PC from Ethernet port. By learning the tutorials, now I can get the data and save the data to DDR, and fetch the data from DDR via UART. However, for several days, I can not make the ethernet work. I have studied the tutorial "Getting Started with Microblaze Servers". When I finished the tutorial, I still don't know how to use it in my own project. Actually, I even don't understand what the purpose of each step of the tutorial. The re