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  1. Anybody know the output impedance of the waveform generator? I'm guessing 50 ohms but don't find it listed anywhere.
  2. I'm looking at a really noisy signal on my yellow channel. Annoyingly noisy as the chip's analog power has an LC filter so it's SUPPOSED to be quiet, but that's not your problem. I notice the background is colored a faded yellow kindof following the trace. What does the background mean? I figure you wouldn't have drawn it dark yellow if it didn't mean something. Perhaps, "this signal is horribly noisy!" It is that. (It's also like a 10th the amplitude I was expecting.)
  3. Asking the question seems to have solved the problem. Amazing how that works, isn't it? Use it for hours with no problem now.
  4. Waveforms sometimes looses contact with my Analog Discovery 2 while I'm using it. I have a 5v power supply connected to the 5v DC input. Of course, I'm waiting for it to happen so I can get a copy of the error message. Wait wait wait ... Perhaps the secret to using it is to wait for the error message? Windows 10, 64 bit Version 2015 (3.3.7) 64-bit Opinion on device: This thing is really cool. Love it. I mostly use the scope feature.