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  1. It has the instruction set. This is the thing I was looking for. Thanks Jon
  2. Hi all, I downloaded this project and it outputs "Hello From Digilent" on pmodcls. I am having a problem in understanding following code, please help. type LOOKUP is array ( 0 to 33 ) of std_logic_vector (7 downto 0); -- Hexadecimal values below represent ASCII characters constant command : LOOKUP := ( X"1B", X"5B", X"6A", X"1B", X"5B", X"30", X"3B", X"33", X"48", X"48",--'H' X"65",--'e' X"6C",--'l' X"6C",--'l' X"6F",--'o' X"20", X"46",--'F' X"72",--'r' X"6F",--'o' X"6D",--'m' X"1B", X"5B", X"31", X"3B", X"34", X"48", X"44",--'D' X"69",--'i' X"67",--'g' X"69",--'i' X"6C",--'l' X"65",--'e' X"6E",--'n' X"74",--'t' X"00"); I am not able to understand rest of characters used above. What do characters in above code apart from "Hello From Digilent" mean and what is their use?
  3. Hi, What is the Character set of Pmod CLS? I need what characters can be displayed and their hex/binary values which need to be used. Also, Are there predefined symbol for euro,pound,yen in Pmod CLS? Thanks Prakhar