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  1. That's a good looking right angle header
  2. HI Mike, we don't have plans to include those in the Kickstarter shipments, however, if you email us [email protected] and ask for Larissa/Martha, we will see what we can do. -Larissa
  3. Hi Everyone, this is the FINAL version of the workbook. We got edits from the technical support team and had many friends and family help read it! It's off to the printer! Digilent-OpenScope_Workbook-final.pdf
  4. Hello everyone! we are in process of writing the update, but our workbook has come back from the designer and it's getting prepared for printing! Digilent-OpenScope_Learning_Edition_Workbook.pdf
  5. 9 days left of our campaign!
  6. We got a series of photos of the OpenScope going through the manufacturing line. Unfortunately, Kickstarter didn't allow me to load all of them onto the update.
  7. Not sure at all, but for simple data logging this could be an option ( Not super cheap, but it's probably has the hardware that you need without modification.
  8. HI Guys, We loaded the first version of the OpenScope Mechanical Files. We have two versions, a single extruder and a dual extruder version. Since the dual is much more complicated and still being tweaked, we are only loading the single (backers who get a 3D printed case by us will get one off of the dual extruding printer, photos attached). So check them out and let us know what you think: (exact same file as on repables, but on Thingiverse... we prefer repables)
  9. Yeah... I think the mini-grabbers would be helpful (get a good grip on your circuits). The other is a SD Card (good for loading and the logging) ... or a USB cable? We didn't include one because it was such a dime a dozen thing and would affect cost.
  10. @Dirk We are in process of developing it! Attached is a photo of the idea (on my desk, so it's a tiny bit messy). We will include the OpenScope with the needed wires (my photo has way too many in it) + a parts kit. the photo has some extras in it (the Mini Grabbers and the extra breadboard), that may not be included. The workbook would have a lesson in each of the following: 1. Intro to circuits 2. Circuit reduction 3. Modal and Mesh analysis 4. Systems 5. Op Amps 6. Energy storage 7. First Order Circuits 8. Second Order Circuits 9. Intro to state and Variable Models 10. Additional Resources.
  11. @werecatf YES. We are also in awe of how quickly it happened! It's a completely different way of doing instrumentation for us, so we weren't a 100% sure how it would take with the market. Any suggestions for stretch goals will be VERY appreciated. We are trying to brainstorm over here. re: Hardware--- we made it open source, so people could upgrade the hardware and share the improvements! There could be an upgraded one, but right now, we are focusing on the one we have! We also don't want to jeopardize the ship date. Hardware changes = longer ship date. Completely agree about the usefulness... We hate throwing silly things in boxes just for the sake of it. Thoughts so far: 1. If we hit 30K, we could afford to splurge for an injection mold for cases and include cases in the first round. 2. we have project boxes that we usually ship with our student kits. We could include one of those for free. 3. We could get USB battery packs, so the Open Scope is free to roam?
  12. HI Muqeet, Here is a table. Hope this helps! AD2 OpenScope (Kickstarter) Retail Price 279 99 WaveForms Compatibility Mac, Windows, Linux with WaveForms 2015 Different software: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge Browsers with WaveForms Live Capabilities Oscilloscope 2 channel, 14 bit, 100MS/s, 30Mz+ bandwidth, +-25V differential 2 channel, 12 bit, 6.25MS/s, 2MHz, +-20V Waveform Generator 2 channel, 14 bit, 100MS/s, 12Mhz+ bandwidth, +-5V 1 channel, 10 bit, 10MS/s, 1MHz+ bandwidth, +-3V Network Analyzer 1Hz to 10MHz, Bode, Nyquist, and Nichols plots NA Spectrum Analyzer 2 channel, noise floor, SFDR, SNR, THD, Harmonic measurements and more NA Voltmeter 2 channel, +-25V NA Data Logger Logging DC, True RMS, DC RMS, and math functions NA Logic Analyzer 16 channel, 100MS/s, 3.3V CMOS and 1.8V or 5V tolerant 10 channel, 50MS/s, 3.3V CMOS Pattern Generator 16 channel, 100MS/s, 3.3V CMOS NA Digital IO 16 channel, virtual buttons, switches, LEDs, 7-seg, progress bar, Slider 10 channel, shared with LA, 4 LEDs, 1 BTN Power Supplies (-) channel 0 to -5V, (+) channel 0 to 5V, 500mW via USB, 2.1W via Aux supply, up to 700mA per channel 2 channel +-4V, 50 mA per channel Protocol Analyzer UART, SPI, I2C, more protocols in the Logic Analyzer NA- at this time Script Editor JavaScript Interface NA Triggers 2 NA- at this time Customizability WaveForms SDK available for Custom Applications Opensource Hardware and Software
  13. Dave, you may want to use the Pmods with the chipKIT WF32, by just breadboarding them (we do this all the time). You can get long right angle headers here:
  14. ... does it have to be offline? Otherwise, Multisim live is a really good choice: I've heard really good things about TI's Web Bench it looks like TINA-TI is available for download, but I don't know if it's in Mac OS. Also LT Spice.
  15. Ah, so the drop down can be overridden with type. Thank you. Is there a recommended power supply to go with the AD2?
  16. Hi, I'm reviewing Waveforms 2015 on Mac. I'm looking at the power supply window and had a few questions. 1. Is it possible to do 3.3V? I see 3V and I see 4V, but not the option to select 3.3V. 2. If I have an external power supply, can the AD2 do more than 5V?
  17. LariSan

    Safe handling of CMOD S6?

    HI Ryan, That is concerning! Do you have some of the bad ones that you can return to us so we can investigate it? We'd like to figure out what is happening. On a side note, we have begun included additional headers with the Cmod S6, so handling is easier (pulls in and out of the breadboard easier). -Larissa
  18. Hi Mubarak, Unfortunately, we do not host Vivado on our servers and you will need to get the software from Xilinx. Have you contacted Xilinx through the link that you provided? -Larissa
  19. Hello, I have a question from a customer on our website and could use assistance. I have a few questions regarding the JTAG programmer cables that you have in stock. My research group is using the JTAG-HS3 programmer cable to program our Xilinx Virtex-7 690T FPGA (XC7V690T). Using the Adept software, we were able to program the FPGA. However, when we tried to use the same software to program the Xilinx Virtex-7 2000T FPGA (XC7V2000T), while the Adept software could recognize the JTAG-HS3 device, it could not identify the 2000T FPGA, listing it as UNKNOWN. Is the 2000T FPGA supported by your Adept software? If not, is there any software that you have that supports the Virtex-7 2000T FPGA that works with the JTAG-HS3 programming device to program an FPGA?
  20. Hi Gary, thank you for your comment! We have considered it. Unfortunately, we have the same toolchain in very proprietary products and are unable to fully open source the tool chain. It never hurts to ask, which particular segment you are interested in (the engineers that created Adept are on the forums), but we have to carefully evaluate those requests because of other customer needs. We really support Open Software and Hardware, we feel it is really is an excellent way to learn, (this is why we moved to Waveforms 2015) development. -Larissa
  21. LariSan

    Nexys4 DDR Mechanicals.

    re-read your question and realized I didn't answer it. Not sure it helps, but the corner ones are using standard screws and stand offs.
  22. LariSan

    Nexys4 DDR Mechanicals.

    For the envelope, we didn't have exact Z published, but hope these photos help.
  23. LariSan

    Nexys4 DDR Mechanicals.

    HI Aaron, may be difficult to see in the drawing (it's also the only one that I have), but the marks do show where the holes are... let me try and send a different layer.
  24. LariSan

    Nexys4 DDR Mechanicals.

    Here we go. Hope it helps.
  25. LariSan

    Nexys4 DDR Mechanicals.

    Customer is making an inquiry about the mounting holes for the Nexys 4DDR. Hopefully this drawing helps.