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  1. I have not tried a Keyboard yet. I assumed that a standard USB keyboard was going to work. Other FPGA boards (like the Spartan3E starter board) require a true PS/2 Keyboard with a PS/2 Mini-DIN connector, but the Anvyl board should only work with USB HID(Human Interface Device) Devices like Keyboards and Mice. The PIC uController has a USB interface and the firmware should act as an OTG Host that can access a USB HID device. The firmware should then take the USB data from the Keyboard or Mouse and send it to the FPGA using the PS/2 protocol (or read data from the FPGA using the PS/2 protoco
  2. Sergiu : Thanks for the link to the PS/2 IP core! The comments in the code described the protocol to send and receive data from the keyboard. The protocol described is consistent with other documents I have found on the PS/2 protocol - the Keyboard controls the clock when the Host sends data to the Keyboard and the Keyboard acknowledges the transfer. I am still interested in being able to modify the PIC uController code, I’d like to add a feature that allows the Keyboard to send ASCII characters instead of Key presses. Even better would be a PMOD with the uController and USB ci
  3. I have an Anvyl board and I want to design logic to use the HID PS2/Keyboard interface on the board. Is there any additional specification for the Keyboard interface beyond what is in the reference manual? The reference manual data is incomplete and inconsistent with PS2 interface specifications that I have found (specifically most PS2 interface docs specify that the Keyboard drives the CLK line when the Host sends data to the Keyboard. The Anvyl reference manual implies that the Host sends data to the Keyboard by driving both the CLK and DAT lines). Since the PS2 interface is implemented i
  4. pbaran

    ISE for Arty board

    The matrix shows that the webpack version only supports 2 Artix7 devices, but the Logic Edition, Embedded Edition, DSP Edition, and System Edition support ALL Aritx7 devices. Do you know what I need to do to get one of those versions? I have found no documentation showing how I can upgrade my webpack edition. I want the schematic tools for teaching logic. I'm old school, I learned digital design before Verilog/VHDL existed and find that my knowledge of gates and low level design give me a better understanding of my designs, I wish to pass on that knowledge to my daughter who just started c
  5. pbaran

    ISE for Arty board

    I purchased an Arty board and wish to use ISE (because it supports schematic capture as an input). The ISE 14.7 webpack version does not support the Artix7-35 part on the Arty board. Is it possible to use ISE to create designs for the Arty board, and if so, how do I get the version of ISE that will allow me to create a design for the Artix7-35T? The ISE documentation suggests that all Artix7 devices are supported by the ISE design suite.