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  1. Hi all, I am using an ARTY board. I had no problem with it showing up in the ports (device manager, WIndows), but now it isn't showing up. I tried downloading VCP drivers for the FTDI site, but it still isn't working. Thanks for any insight!
  2. Hi all, I have an interrupt that is generated by a custom ip and when it is triggered, I read a register from the custom ip and read from the pmod sf3 to write those values back to the custom ip. However the interrupt gets stuck and won't return to the main code when I have the pmod sf3 code in there, but it does when I just read a value from the custom ip and print it. I have attached the c code that I have written. Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks! c_code.txt
  3. Hi @jpeyron, I have gotten the IP to work. I have been able to run the QuadSPItest function as well as write/read data to it in general. Thanks for all your help! PmodSF3.c PmodSF3.h
  4. Hi @jpeyron, I'm running it on Vivado 2016.2. Yes I did. I had to change "INT_ADDR XPAR_MICROBLAZE_0_AXI_INTC_PMODSF3_0_QSPI_INTERRUPT_INTR" to "XPAR_AXI_INTC_0_PMODSF3_0_QSPI_INTERRUPT_INTR." Also the interrupt address in ivt_t. I will attach what I'm currently running. main.txt
  5. Hi @jpeyron, I tried that method and when I ran the main.c code (included in PMODSF3 folder), I'm still getting the "Quad-SPI Flash data read/write comparison error." I am going to try writing and reading with the commands and comparing the results manually. Please let me know if I'm missing something. Thanks! main.c
  6. Hi @jpeyron, Ok I will try that. For the block diagram, I am using an ARTY. However, I eventually want to transition it to a CMOD A7. Thanks!
  7. Hi all, I'm trying to use the pmod sf3 flash memory and I followed the pmod tutorial (with microblaze). I ran it in sdk and I get a failure saying that the read and write comparison is incorrect. I have my ext_spi_clk set at 50 MHz and I have attached a screenshot of my block diagram. I think I may have either connected the interrupt incorrectly or that the clock speed is incorrect. The specs say it can run up to 108 Mhz, but typical is 25 Mhz. Thanks!!
  8. vc26

    Programming Flash CMOD A7

    Hi all, Thanks for all you help! I got it to work. The problem was a combination of incorrect memory placement and a poor usb connection. I switch ports and it works fine now! Thanks again!
  9. Hi all, I programmed my flash recently, but the sdk .elf file didn't seem to be working so I attempted the whole process again. However, now my board seems to be stuck in somewhere not so good. When I plug the USB in, only a red led is on, compared to originally before flash, the orange done led was also on. Also, now I can no longer program the qspi flash in vivado hardware manager anymore. It always fails during the programming stage because the blank check fails. Is my flash stuck in some kind of mode? Also, how can I clear it and restore my fpga to it's original state? Thanks!
  10. vc26

    CMOD A7 35t BRAM Problem

    @[email protected], I am using the BRAM instantiation for both boards. I didn't know that BRAM was different between the two boards. I'm also pursuing utilizing the cellular ram (SRAM) on the CMOD A7 board as well in place of this. Thanks for your help!
  11. vc26

    CMOD A7 35t BRAM Problem

    @jpeyron, I used the library xbram_hw.h. Here are the function definitions. #define XBram_WriteReg(BaseAddress, RegOffset, Data) \ XBram_Out32((BaseAddress) + (RegOffset), (u32)(Data)) #define XBram_ReadReg(BaseAddress, RegOffset) \ XBram_In32((BaseAddress) + (RegOffset))
  12. vc26

    CMOD A7 35t BRAM Problem

    Hi @jpeyron, I was able to run the attached code successfully, but have tried using the Xbram library (in addition to just writing to the address) and the functions in there don't work either. I originally thought that I would be able to use the same or similar code for my ARTY and CMOD A7 board because they are both part of the ARTIX 7 group. Thanks for all your help!
  13. vc26

    CMOD A7 35t BRAM Problem

    @jpeyron Do you have any ideas on why BRAM for specifically CMOD A7 isn't working? Is it possibly a vivado issue or board issue?
  14. Hi, Recently, I'm unable to look at more than 1 signal on the Analog Discovery 2 logic analyzer at a time. I'm trying to see 5 of them at the same time and if I have more than one channel connected, all of them become zero. Has anyone experienced this problem before? I've had all 5 signals before which is why this is an odd occurance-- is my Analog Discovery 2 broken? Thanks!
  15. vc26

    CMOD A7 35t BRAM Problem

    @jpeyron What version of Vivado are you using? I'm stilling getting a failure. Can you also send me your outputs? Thanks!