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  1. CMOD A7 35t BRAM Problem

    @D@n, I am using the BRAM instantiation for both boards. I didn't know that BRAM was different between the two boards. I'm also pursuing utilizing the cellular ram (SRAM) on the CMOD A7 board as well in place of this. Thanks for your help!
  2. CMOD A7 35t BRAM Problem

    @jpeyron, I used the library xbram_hw.h. Here are the function definitions. #define XBram_WriteReg(BaseAddress, RegOffset, Data) \ XBram_Out32((BaseAddress) + (RegOffset), (u32)(Data)) #define XBram_ReadReg(BaseAddress, RegOffset) \ XBram_In32((BaseAddress) + (RegOffset))
  3. CMOD A7 35t BRAM Problem

    Hi @jpeyron, I was able to run the attached code successfully, but have tried using the Xbram library (in addition to just writing to the address) and the functions in there don't work either. I originally thought that I would be able to use the same or similar code for my ARTY and CMOD A7 board because they are both part of the ARTIX 7 group. Thanks for all your help!
  4. CMOD A7 35t BRAM Problem

    @jpeyron Do you have any ideas on why BRAM for specifically CMOD A7 isn't working? Is it possibly a vivado issue or board issue?
  5. Hi, Recently, I'm unable to look at more than 1 signal on the Analog Discovery 2 logic analyzer at a time. I'm trying to see 5 of them at the same time and if I have more than one channel connected, all of them become zero. Has anyone experienced this problem before? I've had all 5 signals before which is why this is an odd occurance-- is my Analog Discovery 2 broken? Thanks!
  6. CMOD A7 35t BRAM Problem

    @jpeyron What version of Vivado are you using? I'm stilling getting a failure. Can you also send me your outputs? Thanks!
  7. CMOD A7 35t BRAM Problem

    Hi Jon, I simulated the BRAM by itself and it worked fine. I was wondering if it could be an issue with Vivado and the microblaze interface? Thanks for all your help.
  8. CMOD A7 35t BRAM Problem

    Hi Jon, Is the data being written to the BRAM address? I tried to set mem.Membaseaddress to 0xC0000000 (the address of the BRAM), but it didn't work. Thanks for all your help!
  9. CMOD A7 35t BRAM Problem

    Hi Jon, Eventually, I will put the project in flash, but not at the moment. I can't attach the entire folder because it's too large (32 mb). I've attached a screenshot of the block diagram and a the code I use to test the bram. Please let me know what other parts you will need. Thanks! BRAM_app.c
  10. CMOD A7 35t BRAM Problem

    Hi Jon, Oh I apologize for posting in the wrong section. I'm not using embedded linux. Should I move the post? I'm using the microblaze. I've attached the warnings that I'm receiving during generating bitstream. Thanks! Thanks!
  11. CMOD A7 35t BRAM Problem

    Hi all, I'm trying to read and write to a BRAM on the CMOD a7 35t (artix 7). However, it always reads back zero. I set it up the same way on the ARTY board and it read back fine. Does anyone know the explanation for this, or have any possible solutions? Thanks!
  12. VHDL read from BRAM

    Hi, I have a block design with a microblaze, a BRAM, and a custom ip (VHDL). With the custom IP, I have 4 separate signals that will read at the same time from 4 consecutive rows in the bram and output the values. I'm having trouble figuring out how to read 4 separate signals from a single BRAM at the same time. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks, Vic
  13. How to program Arty flash

    I'm using an ARTY board and yes I'm just trying to use the getting started with microblaze. Thanks!
  14. How to program Arty flash

    I followed the post that mskreen posted and I encounter an error that says: Retrieving Flash info... ERROR: [Xicom 50-48] Start address (0x44A00000) is outside of the device memory range. ERROR: Flash Operation Failed This is when I try to program the flash memory. Has anyone encountered this? Thanks!