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  1. Thắng Đỗ Anh made the following inquiry on our YouTube channel: "Hello, I am using JTAG Hardware Co-simulation of Basys3 Artix7 xc7a35t-1cpg236c But I have no "basys3_board_plugin.zip" file Can you give me the link to download it ? or send to my Email: [email protected] PLEASE !!! Thanks. " Please help him figure this issue out. Thank you!
  2. Tejeshw Vardhan asked the following question on our YouTube channel: "i have designed a current and temperture probe using ACS712 and LM35. has anyone tried it??" Thank you for taking the time to discuss this project with him.
  3. The following question was asked on our YouTube channel on our Real Analog course: Christopher Hendon asks: Can you explain how you found 1/3 and 2/3? Thank you for your help!
  4. Analog Discovery: Measuring Transients The following question was posted on our Analog Discovery Quickstart Video: "How do you measure the transient in a circuit breaker using the Analog Discovery?" Thank you for your help, Studio Manager
  5. The Following Question was posted on one of our Real Analog videos: I liked your lectures on the electric circuits.Indeed these are very informative and add a lot to one's knowledge.However I got confused in watching the lecture( 1.18) on "Active First Order System Example". You presented two active circuits.1.RC circuit connected to the +ve terminal of the Op-Amp.For this you told that there flows no current into the Op-Amp and this means there is no current in the feed back resistor and hence no voltage drop acros the resistor and so Vo=Vc(time15:25). But when you took the 2nd circuit ie the
  6. This question was posted on YouTube: Does the Nexys Video have the ability to ingest/output [email protected]? Thank you, Digilent Studio
  7. Muthupriya Somasundaram posted this question on the Getting sTarted with Vivado and Basys3 video: Thank you very much! it gave me a perfect direction for my project. When i am trying to synthesis the same project to my basys3 board. It failed synthesis and prompts the following issue [Common 17-345] A valid license was not found for feature 'Synthesis' and/or device 'xc7a35t'. Please run the Vivado License Manager for assistance in determining which features and devices are licensed for your system. I would be grateful if you helped me out in this! Thanks, Priya
  8. Muthupriya Somasundaram posted this question on the Getting started with Vivado and Basys3 video: Hi, I registered in the digilentic forum, but i couldn't able to post any question. I am using a temperature sensor to measure the environment temperature and connected the sensor output to XADC. Now,form which pin do i need to get the binary output and the output will be in how many bits? Thanks in advance! Regards, Priya
  9. camelCased asked for a comparison of the Analog Discovery to Saleae devices on our Analog Discovery Quickstart video. Since the Saleae logic devices seem to have a lot in common with the Analog Discovery, It may be valuable to do hear some technical comparisons. Both devices use freely-downloadable software; how do these programs differ from each other? From a quick look at the Saleae website, Digilent devices seem to have far superior support matierial. However a more comprehensive review is needed to fully understand how these products compare to one another.
  10. The following question was asked by a viewer on our Youtube channel. It is in response to Tim Hanshaw's Electrical Circiuts 1 lecture video. Satnam Gill asked: how can you have current in two different directions in the same loop? Thank you for taking the time to answer this question.
  11. This question was posted by Daedronus on the Nexys4DDR youtube video: Artix 7 can output directly hdmi video, why bother wasting IOs for the rather poor 12bit vga?
  12. This question was asked on our youtube page: David Chiaverini: Is there a MAC version [of the Waveforms software]?