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  1. Thanks
  2. Hello, your user's guide linked below says to use a standard Type-A to Micro-USB cable. What would the effect be using a micro-B cable wired for OTG?
  3. Sure, thanks. That'd be great. Is there also a drawing of the JTAG-SMT1 that shows z-height / z-dimensions of the assembly? Or at the very least, could I get the vendor name and part no. of the microUSB conn used on this device?
  4. Can I get a CAD model (step or parasolid) of JTAG-SMT1? thanks, Russ
  5. Thanks Jon. Will you notify me here when they are ready? Russ
  6. How can I get mechanical CAD files (e.g. STEP or parasolid) for these Pmods? - DA3 - LVLSHFT - RS232 - RS485