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  1. @D@n Okay ! Thanks alot for the help ! I will let you know when my project is working, and will post the code. Robin
  2. @D@n Thank alot for your very explaining comment ! I would just be happy with the digital sound. The problem is that I find alot of examples to use te PModAMP2 using Verilog, I have no knowledge in this program language. Is there a tool where i can convert Verilog code to VHDL code ? Thanks alot ! Robin
  3. Hello, I'm making a project using Vivado, a Basys3 Atrix-7 FPGA Board and the PmodAMP2. The purpose of this project is to make a digital piano, but i can't find the proper code to send a specfic frequency to the Pmod AMP2 using VHDL and Vivado. Can someone help me out ? I'm pretty new to programming in VHDL. Thanks ! Robin