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  1. thanks so much !
  2. @jpeyronthanks so much for your reply, how do you actually put the logic (ip?) blocks onto the PL to generate the LVDS signals? is this ip built into the toolchain and free to use or is this an ip block that has to be purchased? and how do you actually connect this lvds block to the framebuffer on the PS of the zynq such that you can use it in linux to output graphics?
  3. Hi Dan Thanks for your reply. Would something like the microzed work if we made our own carrier board? Bert
  4. I'm new to FPGAs and the zynq. I'm interested in a zybo board and would like to know how to put an lvds output on the logic part of the zynq and how to get this connected to a framebuffer device I can use in linux to output graphics to?