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  1. Hi Jon, Thanks for your reply. Yes, it is an amazing topic, I just started learning embedded systems and I like it a lot. I will be pending if somebody in the forum has more comments. Once the project is done, I will post the final solution for the other members. Greetings, Romel.
  2. Hello Dan, Thanks for your reply. Currently, I am doing this project because I want to use model-based design that Mathworks provides. I have started with a simple example such as sine wave because it is easy to implement, probe, and troubleshoot. I have followed many tutorials from Mathworks and Avnet successfully, but the last part standalone implementation is missing. I think there are some problems with the "devicetree.dtb" and "uImage" files to boot Linux. Greetings, Romel
  3. Good afternoon everyone, I am working on a project to connect the Zedboard and FMCOMMS2 using the HDL workflow advisor. What I want to do is to have the Zynq FPGA (PL, not the processor) generate samples of a sine wave and send these to the RF for transmission FMCOMMS2, and to have this system operating stand-alone, without any further connection to the PC running Simulink. It seems to me that, the way I have the project set up, I need to keep Simulink connected to the board, even if it is not doing any processing. If I disconnect the ZedBoard from the PC, I get an error message on the PC. By "disconnect", I mean literally unplugging the Ethernet cable from the PC's port. The error message specifies that "a runtime error occurred in the System Object 'comm.internal.SDRTxZedBoardFMC234SL', while executing the 'stepImpl' method" . I would also like to know if it's possible to save the generated bitstream into a bootable image, so that I whenever I turn the board on, I get the desired functionality. I have followed the instructions in the PicoZed SDR SpeedWay 2015 Training but it doesn' work. I have attached a Word document with more details about how I have my project set up; also, the project folder with all the files. I'd be grateful if you could take a look at it and see if I'm doing everything correctly. Word document: and FMCOMMS2.docx?dl=0 Project files: Thanks for your help, Romel