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  1. Lyao

    Using ARTY A7 with PMOD RS232

    Thank you so much for your advice, yes you are right I'm not very familar with the details of the DB9 RS232 and just want to reduce some work here. The other side is a HUB with multiple DB9 connectors and one USB port to the computer. Probably I need to do some test directly and debug based on the results. If it doesnt work I guess I can pick some other spartan6 FPGA kit with real DB9 and adapter chip to implement the firmware again.
  2. Hello, I already have a working ARTY firmware design of UART communication from the ARTY to the computer via the micro USB cable. My new design need to use the DB9 connector as the interface so I'm looking for a convienent way to do the porting. I found that the digilent official has the PMOD RS232 module which seems to be very helpful for me. After reading the manual I still have some questions, can I simply plug the PMOD RS232 to one of the 4 PMOD interfaces on the ARTY and change my firmware pin assignment of the UART_TXD and UART_RXD to the corresponding TXD and RXD pins on the PMOD? How should I deal with the CTS and RTS pins? If I do not want the handshaking feature can I bypass them by unload JP1 and short JP2? The manual said when the JP2 is shorted the JP1 should be left open to avoid potential device damage, but from the product photos it seems the default setting is to short both JP1 and JP2 when delivered, which looks a little confusing to me. It will be very appreciated if someone can help me to clear these questions, thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, I'm a FPGA developer and I'm really interested in the arty35 develop kit. My current question is that I need to have a design with 64 channels single signal input. I found the arty35 board has 4 Pmods and 1 ChipKit connector, so in maxium I can use all the connectors to get 32+49 = 81 available IOs for my design, is that correct? I looked at the schematics and it seems good, but I hope someone can confirm this for me, thanks very much!