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  1. Hello, I followed the instructions as best as possible since I am using a Zync and the instructions are for a Microblaze boot (SREC_SPI_BOOTLOADER). None the less, it did not work using the ZYNQ_FSBL boot loader and offset 0x00300000. Also, I have the programming jumper on the middle 2 pins. Can you write a simple RTL program to turn on a led and modify the procedure to create the bit file and create the fsbl boot image while targeting a Zybo board? P.S. I can program the FPGA using the bit file from SDK. I can program the FLASH successfully, but it will not boot from FLASH after POR. Thanks, David
  2. In the past, I have been able to program the QSPI flash of a Nexys4DDR board with a .mcs file that was generated from the .bit file. I am now using a ZYBO board and when I follow the same procedure, it seems I can program the flash, but after a power cycle the FPGA program does not load and execute as expected. Keep in mind I want to use the only the PL in this case. Has anyone done this with success?