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  1. Hi, Looking for some advice on wether to purchase Zybo or Arty Z7 board. What is the difference between two boards and what kind of applications each board is geared towards? I am new to FPGA’s looking for a board that I can grow with. I am intrigued by Xilinx APsocs chips.
  2. Thank you Larissa, I think you had replied to me on Kickstarter. Thank you for reply here again! Looks like a very cool project. I wish I was in EE school now and not in 2006-2009 time frame. So cool to have O'scope in your pocket :-)
  3. What is the difference between Open Scope and Analog Discovery?
  4. Awesome! Thank you for the links. Just curious...this a big investment for me Analog Discovery and Nexys Video. I was wondering if Digilent has any warranties, extended warranties if accidentally equipment gets damaged?
  5. Hi, Recently picked up an Analog Discovery 2 and Nexys Video. Very excited! Graduated with a BSEE in 2009. However, I never took a digital design (I did take digital logic) class in college. Looking for a way to get started with FPGA. Any guidance on both Analog Discovery and Nexys Video?