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  1. Hi Dan, Thanks for your reply. Could you please kindly let me kind of wiring are you talking about ? I connected the gnd pin of the Pmod module with a wire and connected the wire to the header pin on the FPGA board which is connected to ground. Thanks, Swarnava Pramanik
  2. Hi, I'm using Deca Max10board which has 46 pin BBB expansion header. As my board doesn't have an USB to UART module so I got a PMOD USB to UART for data transfer. Can I directly connect the Pmod module to the BBB expansion header or do I need some other connector to connect the pmod module to BBB expansion header ? Can anyone help me with this ? Thanks, Swarnava Pramanik
  3. swarnava

    Using PMOD Modules

    Hi Jon, Thanks for your help. I won't be doing this in code but thanks for those files. Thanks, Swarnava Pramanik
  4. swarnava

    Using PMOD Modules

    Hi, I'm using a Deca MAX 10 FPGA evaluation kit. I want to transfer the data from my evaluation kit to my system and vice-versa, but the Kit only has USB OTG but no UART module so I'm thinking of connecting a PMOD USB to UART module to the GPIO pins in my kit for making the transfer possible. Is it possible to convert the GPIO pins to the PMOD pins in order to connect the PMOD module ? Can anyone please help me in this ? Thanks, Swarnava Pramanik