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  1. Hello all, some months ago I had a Basys 2 Board that I perfectly could program via multisim, designing an schematic and then exporting the design. Now I have an Arty S7 on my hands and I would wish to do the same. I followed the tutorials: http://www.ni.com/tutorial/14871/en/ and https://reference.digilentinc.com/learn/programmable-logic/tutorials/program_fpgas_through_multisim/start An instance for the Arty S7 was created in multisim and it gave me the option to generate the VHDL file from the design (I haven't verified the file yet). Multisim won't give me the programming op
  2. Dear Zygot I am just updating about my case. Sometimes we need a little push from somebody else or even leaving the project for a few hours or days. I tried to calm down as I was getting to the panic state just becasue nothing was working as it was supposed to do. I read carefully your message, although what you told me is what I do anyways, I tried to be open mind, So I started from scratch, testing the simple I/O, testing the Simple hello world and changing bit by bit. I am really not sure What I was missing or what I was doing wrong but my system is back on again. I am so hap
  3. Thanks Zygot! I am checking! I would think I did all that but I will slowly check all again as you mention. I will wait for anybody reply that may bring some light. Thanks for taking the time. Edwin
  4. Hello All! I have a Arty S7-50 Rev B Board. I am trying to control a mobile robot . I am also using a camera and to talk to both of them I need either I2c or serial communication. So far I created my system using microblaze with no problem. I tested leds, buttons, uart communication etc. My problem comes when I try to map pins other than buttons, leds or switch. I haven't been able to put the system to work. I Tried testing all I could think of before coming to the forums. I saved the project as another one, Created a new one from scratch etc etc and nothing so far. It
  5. Hello Again, I was able to generate a changing signal like the image above. I used 3 sweep intervals and external and It does the job. It is not ideal but it works. I tested it with a simple low pass RC filter now I have to test it with a real power supply.
  6. I Understand. Definenily that feature would be a great plus to the Waveform. For now I have been doing some testing with a mixture of tips I have been reading from where you in most of them actually. What I I think it may work is using The ADD Channel option (limited to 8). 1-) Back to your example, lets say that we sweep 1Volt amplitude from 100Hz to 1kHz and then Save in Add Channel 2-) Then from lets say from 100khz to what... 250k a 250mV fixed. 3-) And then a Third sweep from 1Khz to 100KHZ using External and waveform to generate a sweep (in sweep option) from 1k
  7. I see ! Thanks Attila. I will have to thibk of somethng else for the time being. (My custom board maybe)
  8. Thanks Attila, at first it seems to me that option did not work but I was just trying very light test. I'll keep trying this weekend and I''ll let know you know the results. Edwin
  9. Achmed,did you find any work around to this? I have been trying the same with no luck yet.
  10. Or are they any workaound for those like me trying to use the BNC board with diferential inputs.?
  11. Anyone has information on BNC Board Gerber/Schematics ? I would like to make Board modifications if possible, in order to brake the shorts between grounds. Edwin